Суть метода

For the installation of piles, a hollow casing pipe with a lost tip is screwed into the ground and simultaneously crushed (Figure 1), followed by filling the trunk with concrete and removing the pipe.
When screwing, the soil is compacted due to its displacement to the sides in the volume of the pile, which significantly increases the bearing capacity of the pile. The displacement zone of soil particles is 2.5-5 pile radii, depending on the type of soil.
According to this technology, it is possible to produce bored piles with a diameter of 273 mm, 325 mm, 426 mm with a depth of up to 8 m.

Рисунок 1. Обсадная труба с теряемым наконечником

Technological sequence of pile construction

After the installation is aimed at the point of the pile device and the installation of the lost tip on the casing pipe using a waterproofing gasket is performed (Figure 2):

Рисунок 2. Технологическая последовательность работ
    1. Drilling a well to a given design mark by screwing the casing pipe;
    2. Visual inspection of the tightness of the pipe cavity for the absence of groundwater in it. Immersion of the reinforcement frame and filling of the casing pipe with concrete through the upper end;
    3. When unscrewing the pipe under the pressure of concrete and soil, the lost tip is separated from the pipe and the resulting cavity is filled with concrete;
    4. Finished pile (It is allowed to immerse the reinforcement frame in freshly laid concrete using a vibration loader after filling it with concrete). Moving the installation to the next point of the pile device.


Delta Drilling Company uses G-25 machines of Drillmec company for the device of drill-screwed piles «Drillmec».

Рисунок 3. Буровая установка G-25 «Drillmec»

Application of technology

– at distances of 15-20 m from buildings and structures due to possible soil discharge,
– in sandy soils of medium density and loose;
– in clay soils with a consistency index of 0.25< IL.

Это произвольный заголовок

– production of piles of high bearing capacity;
– minimal overspending of concrete;
– high performance;
– no costs for the removal of soil.