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Delta Drilling Company was founded in 1990. Over the past 28 years the company has been a leading foundation engineering contractor. During this time, we have gained and accumulated vast knowledge and experience in the installation of bored piles in different geologic and climatic conditions on the territory of Belarus and neighboring countries. The staff of the company has increased from 6 to 600 employees and hundreds of completed projects were completed. Among them are pile foundations, retaining walls, soil stabilization and  reinforcement,  borehole drilling and installation of water-supply facilities, construction dewatering, drilling of freezing boreholes.

The company constantly improves and introduces techniques of pile installation and enhances their quality. This includes upgrading the fleet of drilling rigs and equipping it with up-to-date drilling tools and technologies. We currently have modern drilling rigs of famous European manufacturers: Bauer, Soilmec, Liebherr, ABI, Drillmec, Sennebogen. The company sets for itself the highest standards of quality in pile foundations and installation of bored piles. Within the implementation of this policy Delta Drilling Company was repeatedly distinguished with various awards and diplomas both in Belarus and CIS countries.