For control of reinforcement pile technology JSC drilling company “Delta” in conjunction with the American company PDI PileDynamicsInc was introduced and adapted device TIP
The basic principle of this equipment is based on the method of Thermometer – temperature measurement hardening (grasp) of concrete -. Hydration energy
To do this in advance of the pile lay the entire length of metal pipe of a certain diameter to move them in the thermal probe with infrared sensors. The number of tubes depends on the diameter of the pile.


Depth sensor connected to the device TIP, tracks the position of the probe during its lowering to the full length of each tube. Data on temperature depth and usually going through 12-48 hours after concreting depending on the composition of the concrete mix and the borehole diameter.
Specialists Company PDI PileDynamicsInc. empirically derived relationship of the diameter of the pile concrete temperature, addition of options and time izmereniya.chto governed by ASTM D7949 standard. Those. the greater the amount of concrete above the temperature allocated concrete (hydration energy) is correspondingly greater diameter of the pile. The set of measurements on the pile length generates a graph of temperature of the pile diameter.
Measurements in the field in real-time to see the preliminary schedule (profile) of the temperature curve, characterizing the overall shape of the well operation. At this level, the data obtained by zamerahv one or more tubes, as well as in certain periods of time are collected for further analysis by trained personnel using special software.
The software, developed by PDI PileDynamicsInc. It allows you to get an accurate two-dimensional and three-dimensional model of the test piles.