The trade union today is the only organization that has the right under the law and is able to represent, defend and protect your professional, labor and socio-economic interests and rights in practice.

The direct management and coordination of the primary trade union organization is carried out by the trade union committee.

What advantage do union members enjoy?

Members of a trade union enjoy a preferential right on the part of the trade union organization to protect their interests on issues of:
remuneration, its guarantees and compensations;
professional training, advanced training and retraining;
working time and rest time modes;
occupational safety and health;

Moreover, a collective agreement applies to members of a trade union if the trade union was the initiator of its conclusion.

Only a trade union member can receive free of charge or on preferential terms:
consulting and legal assistance on labor law, wages, tax legislation;
assistance in drafting legal documents;
the right to participate in court as its representative in the consideration of labor disputes;
assistance and protection of his interests in the investigation of cases of occupational injuries and compensation by the employer for harm caused to health at work;
the right to professional protection when applying for a job, concluding an employment contract, unreasonable transfers;
protection of rights and interests in case of dismissal from work at the initiative of the employer (except in cases of absenteeism without a valid reason, appearance at work drunk or theft of property);
assistance of the trade union committee in resolving the conflict with the employer on labor issues;
the right to check the correctness of filling out your work record;
assistance in the preparation of documents at retirement.

Being a member of a trade union, you are incomparably more socially protected than your fellow worker who is not in a trade union. You have all the solidary power of the organization on your side, whose help you can count on in a difficult moment of life. By refusing to join a trade union, you not only lose all these benefits, but also risk being left alone with the employer without any social protection.

It must be remembered: no trade union organization of an enterprise, no matter how large it may be, is able to independently, only on its own, solve various issues related to the protection of labor, socio-economic interests and rights. This depends largely on the conditions prevailing in the industry, in the region and in the country as a whole. For this purpose, various trade unions and associations and their professional bodies are formed.

At the industry level, your labor, socio-economic, professional interests and rights are expressed and protected by the industry trade union of which you are a member. Its trade union bodies – regional committees, the Central Committee – defending the interests and rights of workers, interact with the Ministry, the Department of Education and other bodies in order to achieve more favorable working conditions, wages, life, study, health and recreation of workers, taking into account the specifics of the industry and the specifics of certain of its professions.

To represent and protect your labor and socio-economic interests and rights, branch trade unions at the location interact with local legislative and executive authorities and management in solving regional economic, labor, socio-economic, environmental problems affecting the interests of workers.