Testing of bored piles with echo method is carried out using Pile Echo Tester developed by Piletest. It is a tool for quick pile integrity test (quality control) of a large number of piles. PET requires only little training.

PET is a modular, computer-independent system that connects to USB port or via Bluetooth of any laptop, tablet or smartphone. The resulting signal (reflectogram) is captured by digital accelerometer and analyzed. After the signals are additionally automatically processed the information (reflectogram) about pile length and integrity is obtained (Figure 1). After the initial data is entered, the user can already see the coordinates of defects and pile length in metric coordinate system during the testing process. The PET system fully complies with international ASTM D5882-07 Standard Test Method for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations. Pile integrity testing with Pile Echo Tester is based on theory of sound wave (high and low-frequency) propagation in solids It is one of the most advanced methods of pile testing developed worldwide in recent years. This test is designed to analyze all types of piles and detect pile shaft defects. Using the software supplied with equipment, our specialists can provide model of bored pile shaft as per reflectogram directly at the jobsite (Figure 2).

Main Advantages

  • Ease of use: PET’s user-friendly software makes it possible to master the system in less than a day.
  • No additional expensive training is required.
  • Excellent signal quality: PET’s super low noise level enables the system to handle extremely long piles up to 100m deep.
  • Computer independence: Unlike other system based on an embedded computer (which may quickly become obsolete) PET connects via Bluetooth or to USB port of your notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Labor Saving

  • PET includes advanced project organization;
  • software-suggested wave velocity;
  • Smart Trigger™ to reject anomalous blows;
  • one-touch controls of amplification, filtering and many other features;
  • Robustness: Specially designed for testing piles, shafts and caissons in construction site environments. The PET is IP67 waterproof and comes with a three year warranty.