It’s time to make a choice!

Each of us needs to go to a referendum. After all, the new Constitution was developed for the people. Supporting the draft Basic Law is also our way of saying thank you to the country’s leadership for the positive changes in our lives, which we sometimes take for granted. It is not difficult to understand all the amendments and form your opinion.

At our company, we have familiarized everyone with the main provisions of the document and even made an e-mail newsletter. I personally met with employees, communicated, listened to different opinions. I have a healthy relationship with the team. And in general, we employ highly qualified specialists who are able to think and analyze. If the state now gives you the opportunity to determine your own future, why not take advantage of it? I personally agree with all the proposed amendments to the Constitution. I understand perfectly well how destructive forces are now trying to substitute concepts and use our children for their own purposes. Do you want a change? Wonderful! Everyone wants to! But start with yourself: get a new education, go to a new job. There are many vacancies and career opportunities at our company. Only we are responsible for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. We and no one else. Everyone’s task is to make the right decision.


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