Год: 2013

Customer: PJSC “T Plus”

The Akademicheskaya CHPP is the most significant project implemented in Yekaterinburg over the past 30 years, having completed the largest investment program of PJSC T Plus.   The station is equipped with a unique combined-cycle gas plant and the most modern energy-saving equipment of Russian, Swiss and German production. The power unit is built at the level of world standards with the highest efficiency and environmental performance.
In the main building, a PGU-230 monoblock is mounted as part of one GT13E2 gas turbine manufactured by Alstom, with a capacity of 168 MW, one double-circuit heat recovery boiler, one steam heating turbine of the KT – 63/7.7 type, with a capacity of 63 MW.
The new power unit provides thermal and electric energy to the Akademicheskiy district under construction and the adjacent districts of Yekaterinburg (South-West, South of the Center, UNC). The introduced thermal power allows heating more than 300 kindergartens, 210 schools and more than 200 multi-storey buildings.

JSC “Drilling Company “Delta” produced the installation of pile foundations.