Год: 2019

Object: Booster compressor station at UKPG-1C Polar NGKM (1st stage, 1st stage of construction) JSC “Drilling company “Delta” performs work on the installation of metal piles with a diameter of 159 to 530 mm, a depth of 6.25 to 17 meters. The total number of piles is 7335 pcs.

The booster complex is strategically important in the technological chain of production and preparation of hydrocarbon raw materials for transportation. Six gas pumping units, a gas purification workshop, a cooling unit, a production and energy unit building, a total of more than 70 units of interconnected engineering buildings and structures will be erected on the foundations of JSC Drilling Company Delta. The booster compressor station will receive Russian-made equipment designed using the latest technologies that increase the reliability of the units and significantly increase the service life of compressor units.