Год: 2018

The construction of Gazprom Center is a large-scale project carried out in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 153 dated 04.04.2013 and Investment Agreement No. 174 dated 02.05.2013. The customer and investor of the project is Gazprom Transgaz Belarus OJSC.
JSC Drilling Company Delta was chosen as the main contractor for the construction of foundations. At the facility, test piles were made using CFA technology with a depth of 35 meters, unique equipment is used for the device of these piles – drilling rigs of the German company Bauer specially designed and commissioned by JSC Drilling Company Delta. The tests of the test piles were successful. The next stage is the approval of a permit for the mass installation of piles.

Gazprom Center sets new standards for the formation of an urban business environment, it is a mini-city that uses modern technologies of construction, communications, service, where it is comfortable and prestigious not only to work, but also to relax, spend your leisure time with the whole family. A businessman is guaranteed not only a favorable neighborhood with prestigious brands, but also the opportunity to be served in a multidisciplinary medical center using the latest achievements in science, diagnostics, plastic surgery, visit a sports center, strengthen the health of not only his own, but also his family members. While you are working or chatting with friends in a panoramic restaurant or strolling through the shopping streets of the complex, the specialists of the children’s center at this time will engage in educational games with your child and ensure his live communication with peers.

Gazprom Center is:

New quality of life and service,
Status and prestige,
Famous global brands,
High standards of service,
Ultra-modern and comfortable class A offices,
The one-time number of visitors is more than 4,000 people,
Transport accessibility to the city center, airport and train stations.