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  1. General provisions1. These rules of internal labor regulations (hereinafter referred to as “PVTR”) are developed in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus (“TC”), Standard Rules of Internal Labor Regulations approved by the resolution of the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Belarus 05.04.2000. No. 46, Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated December 15, 2014 No. 5 “On strengthening requirements for managerial personnel and employees of organizations” (“Decree No. 5”), other labor legislation acts and regulate the employer’s work schedule, including the procedure for hiring and firing employees, the main obligations of the parties to the employment contract (contract), the mode of working time and rest time, the types of work incentives applied to employees and disciplinary measures.PVTR is aimed at creating conditions conducive to strengthening production and technological, performance and labor discipline, effective work, rational use of working time.
    The employer has the right to demand, and employees are obliged to perform the work stipulated by the employment contract (contract), official (work) instructions, subject to internal labor regulations.
    Compliance with the HTP is mandatory for both employees and the employer.


    The procedure for the admission and dismissal of employees

    5. Recruitment is carried out based on the results of interviews conducted by the employer.

    6. At the conclusion of an employment contract (contract) (employment), the employer is obliged to demand, and the citizen must present to the employer:

    6.1. passport or other identity document, military registration documents (for military service and persons subject to conscription for military service);

    6.2. work record, except for first-time applicants and part-timers;

    6.3. a document of education or a document of training confirming the right to perform this work;

    6.4. referral to work on account of reservation for certain categories of employees in accordance with the legislation;

    6.5. individual rehabilitation program for the disabled (for the disabled);

    6.6. insurance certificate, medical report on the state of health and other documents confirming other circumstances related to work, if their presentation is provided for by legislative acts.

    Employment without these documents is not allowed.

    The employer does not have the right to demand documents that are not provided for by law when concluding an employment contract (contract). The employer has the right, when hiring an employee, to request a characteristic from his previous places of work.
    When hiring an employee or transferring him to another job in accordance with the established procedure, the employer must:

    8.1. to acquaint the employee with his rights and obligations set out in the official (work) instruction, with the conditions and remuneration provided for in the employment contract (contract), under the signature;

    8.2. to acquaint the employee under the signature with the PVTR, and other local regulatory legal acts (“LNPA”) in force with the employer, which directly relate to the employee’s activities;

    8.3. conduct introductory, primary instruction on labor protection;

    8.4. create a personal file of the employee. The employee is obliged to fill out all the documents necessary for the formation of a personal file: a personal personnel record sheet, a personal card and an autobiography. If the information specified by the employee in the documents constituting his personal file changes, the employee is obliged to inform the employer about the above changes.

    An employment contract (contract) is concluded with all employees who are hired in writing in two copies and signed by the parties. One copy is transferred to the employee, the other is kept by the employer. The employer has the right to conclude an employment contract (contract) with employees for a period of not less than 1 year and not more than 5 years.

    When transferring, an employment contract (contract) is concluded with an employee in accordance with the requirements of articles 18 and 19 of the Labor Code.

    The conclusion, modification of the terms and termination (early termination) of an employment contract (contract) is executed by order (order) of the employer and is announced to the employee under the signature.
    About hiring, transfers to another permanent job and (or) to a contractual form of employment, dismissal, the employer makes entries in the employee’s work book in accordance with the legislation.
    On the day of dismissal, the employer is obliged to give the employee a work record and make a final settlement with him.

    The day of dismissal is considered to be the last day of work.


    Duties of the employee

    13. All employees are required to:

    13.1. conscientiously perform their work duties listed in this subparagraph or the attached job description.

    13.2. to obey the rules of internal labor regulations, other documents regulating labor discipline issues, to carry out written and oral orders (orders) of the Employer that do not contradict the legislation and local regulatory legal acts;

    13.3. do not allow actions that prevent other employees from performing their work duties;

    13.4. to ensure compliance with the established requirements for the quality of products, works performed, services rendered, to prevent defects in work, to observe production and technological discipline;

    13.5. comply with the requirements established by regulatory legal acts on labor protection and safe conduct of work, use personal protective equipment, perform other duties provided for in Article 19 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of June 23, 2008 No. 356-Z “On Labor Protection”;

    13.6. take care of the Employer’s property, take measures to prevent damage;

    13.7. take measures to immediately eliminate the causes and conditions that prevent the normal performance of work (accident, downtime, etc.), and immediately report the incident to the Employer;

    13.8. maintain your workplace, equipment and fixtures in good condition, order and cleanliness;

    13.9. observe the established procedure for storing documents, material and monetary values;

    13.10. to keep state and official secrets, to comply with other requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on state secrets, not to disclose the commercial secret of the Employer, the commercial secret of third parties to which the Employer has gained access;

    13.11. not later than one month before the expiration of the contract, notify the Employer in writing of the decision to continue or terminate the employment relationship with him;

    13.12. ensure compliance with the requirements and procedures for processing and protection of personal data established by legislation and local legal acts;

    3.13. perform other duties arising from the legislation, local regulatory legal acts, and this contract ______________________________ ( other duties of the Employee are listed)

    14. The general requirements that are mandatory for all employees are:

    14.1. neat appearance;

    14.2. self-control, correctness and tact of behavior;

    14.3. culture of speech.

    15. Duties of employees in the field of labor protection (Article 15 of the Law on Labor Protection):

    15.1. comply with labor protection requirements, as well as rules of conduct on the territory of the organization, in production, auxiliary and household premises;

    15.2. use and correctly apply personal and collective protective equipment;

    15.3. undergo medical examinations, training (training), retraining, internship, instruction, advanced training and knowledge testing on labor protection issues in accordance with the procedure established by law;

    15.4. immediately inform the employer about any situation threatening the life or health of workers and others, an accident that occurred at work, assist the employer in taking measures to provide the necessary assistance to the victims and deliver them to the health organization;

    15.5. comply with the labor protection standards and obligations stipulated by the collective agreement, agreement, employment contract, internal labor regulations, job responsibilities;

    15.6. in the absence of personal protective equipment, immediately notify the immediate supervisor;

    15.7. to assist and cooperate with the employer in ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, immediately notify their immediate supervisor or other official of the employer about the malfunction of equipment, tools, devices, vehicles, protective equipment, about the deterioration of their health;

    15.8. perform other duties stipulated by the legislation on labor protection.

    The range of functional duties (types of work) that each employee must perform in one or more professions, specialties or positions of appropriate qualifications is determined by qualification reference books approved in accordance with the established procedure, relevant technical rules, job descriptions, regulations, other local regulatory legal acts, as well as an employment contract (contract).

    For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their duties, employees are liable under the Labor Code and other legislative acts.

    The main responsibilities of the employer

    17. The employer is obliged to:

    17.1. organize the work of the employee;

    17.2. use the Employee’s labor rationally;

    17.3. to ensure production and technological, performance and labor discipline;

    17.4. keep records of the time actually worked by the Employee;

    17.5. at least once a month to issue wages to an Employee in the terms and amounts established by law, collective agreement, agreement or this contract;


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