Год: 2013

Nizhneturinskaya GRES has been conducting its history since 1941. According to the plan, the new power plant was to operate on the basis of fuel resources of the Bogoslovsky and Volchansky brown coal deposits. The construction of the facility was postponed for a while by the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War, but already in 1950 its voltage lines connected the center of the Urals with the European energy system for the first time. The first unit was launched in 1950.

The first large high-pressure power plant in the Urals, the Nizhneturinskaya GRES, has become a real forge of personnel for similar power plants in the Ural region and the entire Soviet Union since the 1960s.
Today, Nizhneturinskaya GRES continues to continuously supply electric and thermal energy to organizations and the population of the cities of Nizhny Tura and Lesnoy. Recently, the company began a large-scale reconstruction of boiler equipment, successfully introduced new generation production methods.

JSC Drilling Company Delta performed the following types of work:
The device of bored piles using CFA technology with a diameter of 530mm
The device of drilling piles using CFA technology with a diameter of 800 mm

Total quantity 1800 pcs.